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BREAKING CHAINS - Freedom: Cycle touring is the greatest way I have found to experience freedom. Whilst I celebrate mine I hope to help others gain and realise theirs, and protect ours, by fundraising for Amnesty International

NOT BURNING RUBBER - Environmental Awareness: Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport. It's slow speed allows you to become more aware and connected with our surroundings, and therefore the pressures that they may be under. I intent to have a minimal negative impact on the environment whilst I travel, and will share my observations and experiences about my journey, environmental issues, and sustainable living here:

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Street Life

The streets in BA are full of life, fast colourful buses rush past you as you walk through the narrow streets, bikes with unusally high handlebars (will add a photo soon!) weave through the traffic, and beautiful people dart across the roads when they dare or get a critical mass togather to force the cars to stop.
Along with that there was an election at the weekend, the city square was packed. Amazing to see so many young people celebrating there President retaining office. Can't imagine David Cameron or Jon Key attracting much of a youth following.....

Below is a photo of me in the middle of the widest avenue in the world, at least 14 lanes!!

There are a few cycle lanes in the city and tours of the city of sections of the city seem quite popular. I have found if I stick to the main avenues it is easy, on the narrow one-way streets I end up jumping on and off the pavement annoying both the pedestrain and motor traffic.

BA is busy 24hrs a day and for me beats New York and London for the city with the "buzz" title. I have had nearly two weeks here now "trying" to learn Spanish, it has been fun but for a mono language English speaker it is slow progress. I will spend another fortnight here volunteering at a urban farm / garden at a phyciatric hospital that is used for reabilitation before heading on the road again via a ferry to Uruguay.
The route of my second Leg looks awesome: along the Uruguay coast via the beautiful beaches and capital, Montivideo, then north inland through the country, possibly dipping into Brazil or back into Argentina, towards the, apparently stunning and mighty, Iguazu falls on the tri-borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Then I hope to be joined by a keen cycle tourist from my Spanish classes for a week or so through Paraguay to Asuncion the capital, before I head through the wilderness of the Chaco and onto the Andes (again) of Boliva.

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