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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Good(s) air

After cycling for over 2000ks from Santiago, at Latitude 33S, to 22S in the Tropics (Tropic of Capricorn - 23S). I am now further south than where I started, with a huge unplanned overnight bus leg (23hours) from Salta in NW Argentina to the capital Buenos Aires, 34S.
Christchurch, NZ - 43S
London - 51N
*The equator is 0*

BA was on my origanal route plan, but due to my route taking me to the north of Chile in an attempt to find a way over the Andes, I had crossed it off. However, with my limited spanish I am in real need of some lessons and the "good air" city is one of the most popular spots in Latin America for Gringos to learn Espanol.
Plus it means I have a obvious and interesting route NW to Boiliva via the mighty Iguazu falls on the Brazil / Argentina / Paraguay border with the possibility of cycling through Uraguay and the gringo-free Paraguay (haven't met anyone who has been there yet!).

So, Leg 1 is complete - 2300kms from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama

I will spend two or three weeks in BA learning Spanish and planning my new second Leg.

Not to sure about "good air" lark though, when we arrived in the city a lot of people were coughing due to volcanic ash been blown over from Chile.....

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