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BREAKING CHAINS - Freedom: Cycle touring is the greatest way I have found to experience freedom. Whilst I celebrate mine I hope to help others gain and realise theirs, and protect ours, by fundraising for Amnesty International

NOT BURNING RUBBER - Environmental Awareness: Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport. It's slow speed allows you to become more aware and connected with our surroundings, and therefore the pressures that they may be under. I intent to have a minimal negative impact on the environment whilst I travel, and will share my observations and experiences about my journey, environmental issues, and sustainable living here:

Thursday, 8 September 2011

On the coast

We set off from Santiago on Sunday, riding through a few poor areas of the city before coming to the airport area which we cycled around to head to the mountains North West of the city. The road side was full of rubbish mostly plastic, the odd street dog was rumaging through it.
After the city outskirts the area was dominated by orchards mostly olives and some almond groves. We camped at the start of the pass at the side of the road on a great spot. 72kms.
Woke to ice on the tent then headed up the pass, another great day weather wise. Views to the coast to the west and the mighty andes to the east, with a peak at 6110m it is the highest I have ever seen!

Down into a lovely valley of small farms, and amazingly no rubbish! What a difference a mountain range makes. The crops turned to avocados and citrus. We stopped briefly at a National park, but cracked onto the coast. Ended up on the motorway for a short stint after a wrong turn. The area was now covered in industrial scale mono-crop orchards.
Arrived at the coast for a beers and empanadas at sunset. Awesome! Ended up camping just around the corner from the posh Radisson hotel (nipped in for a beer and to use their facilities!).
Got woken at 2am by the Police, but they left wishing me luck and said to call them if we need to!! There was 5 of them!

Headed north along the coast past loads of developments. Ended up at an amazing beach and stopped at lunchtime as Dani´s knee had started to play up. Got a great beach front cottage for bugger all, owner ran the shiop next door so happy days! 40kms.

Was ment to be a big day but as the coast road climbed and dropped Dani had to stop, so as we swung around into a very plush European riviera like resrot, Papudo, we stopped again. managed to link up with a helpful local who put us onto an amazing bay just north of the town and all its new develpoments. Beauty, camping for free, our own well, and couiple of kelp gatherers / fishermen for neighbours (they use donkeys to carry there harvest). He spent some time showing me the local flora, some edible plants and a bit of history, great!
Awesome sunset. 30kms.

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