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BREAKING CHAINS - Freedom: Cycle touring is the greatest way I have found to experience freedom. Whilst I celebrate mine I hope to help others gain and realise theirs, and protect ours, by fundraising for Amnesty International

NOT BURNING RUBBER - Environmental Awareness: Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport. It's slow speed allows you to become more aware and connected with our surroundings, and therefore the pressures that they may be under. I intent to have a minimal negative impact on the environment whilst I travel, and will share my observations and experiences about my journey, environmental issues, and sustainable living here:

Friday, 2 September 2011

All the gear, and hopefully some idea....

Here is a list of all the gear I have, I will try and add some more detail to the techy bits later;

Diamond back toganda frame, forks, and seat post (Early 90s MTB, cost 85 kiwi)
Tubus rear and front rack, with additional rack mod to front
Riser handlebars
Ergon grips with bar ends
3 x waterbottle holders (two on frame and one on handle bar, which needs an adaptor clamp)
Speedo / odometer
8 speed derailleur, Shimano Deore
Front derailleur, Shimano (came with frame)
KMC chain
Sun Rhyno Lite rims (36h, 19")
DT Spokes
Hubs, Shimano Deore (36h, no disc)
Sram 8 speed cassette
Chain rings, Shiamno Tiagra
Pedals, Shimano (came with frame)
Tyres, Schwalbe marathon plus
Brakes, V brakes, Shimano deore XT
Brake leaver / Gear shifters, Shimano Tiagra
Mudguards, front and rear
Mirror (lost one, replaced)

Pair of Ortlieb back roller classics rear panniers
Pair of Ortlieb back roller classics front panniers
Top rack bag, Ortlieb rack pack 31 litre
Handlebar bag, Philips waterproof

Beanie / hat
Tube / neck warmer sunprotector / Buff
Clear eye protection
Cycling gloves
Skiing gloves
Allround shoes
Sandles / thongs
Thermal tops x 2
Jumper / Jersey
Windstopper Jacket
Fleece / L2 jacket
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof leggings (lost)
Thermal leggings x 2
Cycling trousers
Hiking trousers
Thin trousers
Cycle shorts x 2
Pants x 4
Socks x 4
3 x t shirts
Casual top

Hi Viz
Head torch
Rear light
Pair of backup button lights
Wind up torch
neck purse / money holder
MP3 player
Camera (new)
Spare SD card (for camera)
Spare AA and AAA batteries
Mobile phone
Phone charger
USB cables x 2
Memory stick
Maps, varies
Stove, MSR
Fuel bottle, MSR
Water purifier, Katadyn
Stove field repair kit,
Swiss Army knife,
Cutlery, Bamboo
Guide book, Footprint
Bible (not due to religous purposes, it is the most popular book in the world so thought I should read it at some point!)
Note book
Back up spark fire lighter
Travel towel x 2, small
J cloth
Toilet roll
Ukulale, with tunner and songs
Condoms (never know your luck ;) )
Suncreen x 2, one 50 strength
Lip balm
Soap, liquid
Nail clippers (missing)
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
First Aid kit: Eye drops, bandage, Plasters, Tape, emergency blanket
Medical kit: diarrhoea pills, pain killer / anti inflammortory pills, malaria pills, hydration sachets, anti acid tabs, elbos oil, ginger tabs, vaccination record
Insect repellant, both balm and highDET spray
Copy of passports
Bank cards, Driving licence etc
Spare wallet with cancelled cards
Tent, Terra Nova Duolite, 2 man
Roll mat
Sleeping bag
Plastic bag, v.large
Lucky charms x 2

Spares and Tools
Multi Tool
4 and 5mm Allen Keys
Cone Spanners x 3
Spare Pump
Adjustable spanner, small
10mm Spanner
Chain braker
Cassette whip
Cassette adaptor / removal tool
Wire cutters
Plier multi tool
Half a hacksaw blade
Spoke key
Tyre levers
Puncture repair kit
Straps and bungie cords
Tie wraps, various
Elec insulation tape x 2
Gatha tape
Piece of compressed foam
Chain link
Chain, KMC
Brake blocks (complete) x 4
Brake replacement (rubber only) x 4
Brake Cable
Gear cable
Gear cable outer
Axles x 2
Spindle x 2
Spokes x 8, various
Inner tubes x 2
Tyre, folded, off road tred
Quill Stem bolt
Nuts and bolts
Ring clamps x 2
Wire, small piece
Chain lube

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