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Monday, 22 August 2011

(Our) Freedom (is) in the Air

After spending far to much time going through the processes at airports and the constant increase in "security" I really am not a fan of the places, prefering doctors and dentist waiting rooms in fact. And after a cold shiver went down my back (which I am sure was not sue to the cool weather) as I was driven into the modern Christchurch Airport parking complex (it use to be such a quaint and easy airport, with a nice grass patch straight out front) I through my rights out the window and held my breath!

Well the AirNZ check in lady didn´t let my cynical side down....
Apparently I should only have the freedom to get a one way ticket to Chile if I live there. I need a commerical onward ticket. "but I have my bike...???" "huu that doesn´t count...."
After she came back waving a bit of paper she told me I would have to buy an onward ticket... Aaarrh! does NZ not want me to this a sign...?
I was sent away ansd I thought my trip home had stalled before I even got going.
After I pointed out it stated it doesn´t apply to people with a credit card ("but they could have no credit left" she insisted), she did allow me the privellage of getting on the first leg to Auckland. Thank you that wonderful AirNZ lady for given me such a pleasant leaving memory of Chch!

The check-in guy in Auckland had not much of a problem and was very helpful, but I did have my begging face on, why is that needed?
I don´t have to comment on the joys of the security and immigration checks and paperwork. But needless to say I felt unnecesserilly helpless and fearful. Maybe we spend more money and do as we are told that way....?

The above I am sure, sounds like a bit of a rant, but wouldn´t it be a wonderful world if its citizens had the freedom of movement around it without the "guilty until proven inicent" attitude from big brother......

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