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BREAKING CHAINS - Freedom: Cycle touring is the greatest way I have found to experience freedom. Whilst I celebrate mine I hope to help others gain and realise theirs, and protect ours, by fundraising for Amnesty International

NOT BURNING RUBBER - Environmental Awareness: Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport. It's slow speed allows you to become more aware and connected with our surroundings, and therefore the pressures that they may be under. I intent to have a minimal negative impact on the environment whilst I travel, and will share my observations and experiences about my journey, environmental issues, and sustainable living here:

Monday, 11 July 2011

"Starting positions please"

Well the start date has been sorted....19th August!
So that leaves five and half weeks to sell everything, finish my course, get my bike sorted (where are my hubs!!!), gather all my gear, hug a bit more of NZ's flora, and get my fitness up a few levels.

- Selling everything: going pretty well, on-line auctions are handy for this. This is what will to be funding my trip, (sorry expedition!) so is my priority for the next couple of weeks.

- Course: Do my homework.

- The bike: see last post. Plus name still needed.

- Gear: coming together nicely. Thank you Theresa in Canada for sending me my new Stove, Water purifier, and head torch! Thank you Daniela from Switzerland for the neck tube (Buff)!!
Need to make a final decision on: whether to take my notebook (small laptop), if I really need a new phone (one with gps would be nice!), is my tent really big enough (small one man), and what solar charger to buy (notebook and phone decisions needed for this). Clothes sorted!

- Saying goodbye to NZ: earthquakes seem to make it easier for some reason.....

- Fitness: Cycling as much as possible (will ramp it up over the next month), swimming (the sauna is great for escaping winter :) ), and yoga (great for the mind, and for stretching those tight cycling legs).
*Lonely Planet gives a pretty in depth pre-cycle-touring fitness guide. But I prefer one expedition cycle websites advice which was; that when you are going on such a long ride you have plenty of time to get your fitness up...:) *

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