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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gearing her up

Well last week my hubs finally showed up, so I legged it down to the touring-bike shop to get the wheel building process under-away.
Then on Saturday I was the proud owner of my first pair of hand-build wheels, and then spent the rest of the day stripping the bike down and dressing her up with all the new components I had been accumulating, with the help of the boys down at the local bike shop;
- 8 speed cassette (previously 7 speed)
- Gear shifters / break levers
- V-brakes!! front and back (pre. cantilevers)
- bottom bracket
- crank-set
- chain
- Derailleur
- raiser handlebars
- Ergonomic Grips with bar ends
- Brake cables
- Gear cables
and of course
- wheels

$1000 plus all up but the test ride clearly showed the difference:
- More upright riding position is far more comfortable
- wider bars give better steering
- much faster and incredibly smooth
- crisp and clean gear changes
and the extra gears, upto 24 from 21, will definitely come in handy with all the hills I am planning on tackling :)

All in all she now feels like a bike I could (and will) cycle 1000s of k's on.

Will give a more in-depth break-down of costs soon, and there has been a few more additions to her through the week.

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