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BREAKING CHAINS - Freedom: Cycle touring is the greatest way I have found to experience freedom. Whilst I celebrate mine I hope to help others gain and realise theirs, and protect ours, by fundraising for Amnesty International

NOT BURNING RUBBER - Environmental Awareness: Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport. It's slow speed allows you to become more aware and connected with our surroundings, and therefore the pressures that they may be under. I intent to have a minimal negative impact on the environment whilst I travel, and will share my observations and experiences about my journey, environmental issues, and sustainable living here:

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Maps get me excited!

I have added my possible, intended at the moment, highly likely to change several times, route to the blog.

It comes out at well over 10,000km even with the Amazon boat, which sounds to good to miss out on, and gives me the chance to cycle for about two weeks north through the Amazon Rainforest around the Equator (must be mad!).
The actual distance will be way higher, maybe a third more but possibly even double, as all the turns in the road are not counted, and the many detours.
I will add the alternative route that is in my head which avoids the Amazon boat journey soon.

Caracas is the end point at the moment, mainly do to it been the most Northern capital. I hope to continue on through Central and North America, but this is to far in the distance to start planning routes. There maybe a boat option to North Africa too, which would link onto South Europe well.......

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